McCoys Creek

McCoys Creek

McCoys Creek was once the centerpiece of the neighborhood; its adjacent parks were places where families gathered for picnics, where Dads took their kids fishing, where children chased butterflies, and cooled off in the creek on a summer day. Sadly, after years of flooding, water pollution and neglect, not much recreation happens along McCoys Creek anymore.

Within the economically vulnerable McCoys Creek watershed, dozens of roads, homes and businesses flood during even normal rainfall events. The creek was channelized and bulkheaded years ago which allowed development in flood-prone areas, and destroyed the nearby floodplain and wetlands along with critical habitat for plants, fish and wildlife.

Groundwork is collaborating with the City on a restoration plan that will return McCoys Creek to a naturally meandering flow to prevent flooding, significantly improve water quality, restore fish and wildlife habitat and create a more resilient ecosystem. Groundwork has engaged residents, community service organizations, local businesses and other stakeholders in identifying recreational spaces and uses within the creek area.

Together, Groundwork and the City of Jacksonville are working to bring McCoys Creek back to a picturesque natural resource, where residents will once again want to fish, swim and gather. We are confident the restoration of McCoys Creek will serve as a demonstration project for the City, region and beyond in the implementation of natural channel design and the water quality benefits this approach delivers.


Project scope for McCoys Creek from the mouth of the St. Johns River to Cherokee Street, including following it south to Edison St. and north through Hollybrook Park.