Model Project

To paraphrase the famous quote from Lao Tzu, every journey begins with a single step. In the case of the Emerald Trail, that first step is to build our “Model Project.”

The concept of the model project is to quickly build a portion of the trail that will be highly utilized and will offer the community a tangible example of what the finished Emerald Trail can be.

Groundwork, in consultation with PATH/KAIZEN team and the Steering Committee, selected the 1.3 mile connection from the south end of the existing S-Line Rail Trail to the intersection of Park Street and Stonewall Street. There are many advantages to this connection including multiple access points for the LaVilla and Brooklyn neighborhoods, the opportunity to connect to the McCoys Creek Greenway in the future and no land acquisition is needed.

The total estimated cost for the project is $3,646,025. Groundwork is currently seeking $170,000 to fund the Model Project Design. For more information on supporting this project, please contact Kay Ehas, Groundwork CEO.

Click here to view the Model Project PDF