What We Do

Our Value Proposition and Differentiation

What does Groundwork Jacksonville Do?

We reinvigorate space

We initiate sustainable strategies and team up with communities to improve health, safety and property values by cleaning abandoned land and contaminated waterways. The outcomes of our equitable development activity reveal greater connectivity to open space and water which leads to pride and happiness. More importantly, it improves the overall environment of the neighborhood, the social interaction of the residents and greater prosperity.

How is Groundwork Jacksonville Different?

  • We implement- Period
  • We choose phyto and/or bioremediation as the first solutions to brownfield remediation and development
  • We solve the deferred maintenance crisis- We maintain, what we build
  • Our professional youth corps utilizes a “cohort” leadership model which incorporates a rigorous evaluation method. No other youth program in Northeast Florida does this.
  •  We are like Netflix:
    • Freedom + Responsibility= Success + Happiness
    • We hire “A” players and always expect the best from them
    • We do what ever we can to keep staff, volunteers, and partners happy
    • We create great teams to get the work done
    • We take time off when we need to
    • We have fun