2018 Green Team Summer Apprenticeship

The application window for the 2018 Green Team summer apprenticeship has closed. To stay up to date on other ways to be involved with GWJax or for notice when next year's application has been released subscribe by clicking here! We also suggest you like us on Facebook here!

This program offers an educational stipend and opportunities to earn community service hours. Teens enjoy new outdoor experiences, meet professionals in science, technology, engineering, art and math fields, make new friends and create positive community changes.

20 youth apprentices between the ages of 13-18 will be selected. To be eligible, teens must live in or attend schools or places of worship within the neighborhoods of: Northshore, Brentwood, Norwood, Brooklyn, New Town, Durkeeville, Phoenix, Downtown, LaVilla, Sugar Hill, College Gardens, Eastside, North Riverside, Lackawanna, Mixon Town, Springfield, Fairfield, Panama Park, Pearl Court, Talleyrand, Robinson’s Addition, and Long Branch or zip codes 32202, 32204, 32206, 32208, 32209, 32254 are eligible to apply.

Over the past three years we have taken on multiple projects along or within the Emerald Necklace urban neighborhoods including hosting community clean ups, tree planting, community garden building, pollinator garden installation, bioswale installation, public art projects and more.

What Will Be Required for My Application to Be Considered?

  • On time submission of completed application and official transcripts;
  • Nomination by an adult, non-relative, like a coach, teacher, pastor or mentor;
  • Current overall 2.5 GPA (provide unopened, official transcript. See your guidance counselor or adult nominator for assistance);
  • Parental consent;
  • Provide copies of all required documentation, like unopened official transcripts with overall GPA and parent-signed waivers;
  • Arrive on time;
  • Can safely ride a bicycle for up to 3 miles a day in an urban setting and following safety guidelines provided by Groundwork Jacksonville staff;
  • Interest in conservation, community and environmental stewardship;
  • Have an email address that is checked at least once a day;
  • Commitment to teamwork, safety, follow-through, education, and hard work;
  • Physically able to work outdoors for 4 hours often in adverse conditions, handle tools, and lift objects;
  • Willing to participate in required reflection time after each work day;
  • Culturally aware of self, others, and community;
  • Willing and able to verbally express concepts to team and community members;
  • Demonstrate workplace skills of teamwork, professionalism, and leadership along with a positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy;
  • Be a self-starter, with a demonstrated desire to learn, grow, and maximize personal potential.
Green Team

Are you a teacher, coach, mentor or neighbor interested in nominating a young person to apply for the Green Team summer apprenticeship by guiding them through the application process? Please review the resources below:

What's it mean to be a Green Team summer apprenticeship nominator?

Check out this handy nominator checklist!

Please note - to nominate a student a teacher, mentor, coach or other adult non-family member would print out the application and nominee checklist, which can be downloaded on the website, and approach a teen whom they feel would be a good fit for Green Team. Depending on the teen's interest, the teen could attend either of the info sessions (on Feb. 5 and Feb. 12) to learn more about the program or the teen could move forward with applying by completing the application, entering the nominator's information who is willing to serve as a nominator onto the application itself, and secure their official transcript from a guidance counselor to be turned in with their completed application no later March 16th.

Are you a young leader interested in approaching a teacher, coach, mentor or neighbor to ask if they will serve as your nominator? Please review the resource below:

Check out this handy nominee checklist!